10th NDU School Games Results

29 Apr. 2015 – The 10th NDU School Games have come to an end with 1082 participants from 37 different schools from Lebanon.

Antonins Ghazir School won the award of the best fair play game while the Maristes Jbeil won the MVP award and St Joseph Aintoura won the award of the highest number of participants.

>>> Results:

Tennis Women:

  1. Aline Challita (St Joseph Ornet Chehwan)
  2. Nour Dib (Champville)

Tennis Men:

  1. Michel Saade (Antonins Ghazir)
  2. Christopher Bomghatin (German High School)

Volleyball Men: 2-0

  1. NDY Zouk Mosbeh
  2. Maristes Jbeil

Futsal Men: 4-1

  1. Antonins Ajaltoun
  2. St Joseph Aintoura

Basketball Women: 41-39

  1. NDU Zouk Mosbeh
  2. Lycee Nahr Brahim

Basketball Men: 57-44

  1. NDU Zouk Mosbeh
  2. St Joseph Aintoura

Table Tennis Men:

  1. Marc Karam (St Joseph Aintoura)
  2. Charbel Imad (Maristes Jbeil)

Table Tennis Women:

  1. Maha Bou Karam (Maristes Jbeil)
  2. Nancy Sfeir (NDU)